Anti-Corrosion Coatings

Corrosion is the electrochemical process that occurs when a metal interacts with its environment, creating an oxide or another compound. Metal components, like fittings and valves, often require extra protection against exposure to chemicals, salt, oxidation, or even moisture. Anti-corrosion coatings work to provide a barrier between the metal and these chemicals or corrosive compounds. At Quality Coatings Inc., we use metal spray or thermal spray application processes with two main types of anti-corrosion coatings.


Halar Coating (ECTFE)

Halar ECTFE offers amazing chemical resistance even in heavy-duty corrosive conditions. It has very good impact resistance, and a functional temperature range between approximately -105°F and +300°F. Other characteristics include:


  • Electrical insulator properties 

  • UV-A and UV-B resistant 

  • Melting point between 220°C–227°C

Kynar Coating

Quality Coatings Inc. offers long-lasting Kynar. This resin-based coating results in a layer of the plastic film made up of pigments, resin and binding substances which provide protection. Kynar can be electrostatically applied in its powder form. In addition to its anti-corrosive properties, Kynar can also be used to provide filler for minor surface abrasions. Metal surfaces must be properly pre-treated.


Benefit of Anti-Corrosion Coating

In order to ensure the longest possible lifespan of metal components, which often operate or exist in harsh environments, anti-corrosion coatings provide the necessary protection.


At Quality Coatings Inc., we bring more than 25 years’ experience helping customers determine the best coating material for their needs. Quality and attention to detail are our forte.


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